Top Podcasts – My Picks

Hey guys!

Gone are the days of having to tune into the radio at a certain time when I instead enjoy listening to my favourite programmes whenever I want, such as going running or driving. I think the brilliant thing about podcasts is the plethora of specific niche content which has become available throughout the internet and accessible through our smartphones.

With so much content available now I thought I should share my favourite podcasts over recent years for what I hope will provide you with some enjoyable listening.

The Joe Rogan Experience

Probably the most entertaining podcast I’ve ever listened to. Despite featuring language which is too strong to have played out with children in the room and having some opinions which I disagree with, Joe Rogan is brilliant and provoking thought with his brilliant range of topics which are based upon different guests from various backgrounds each week. Rogan touches on everything from MMA to fitness, comedy and history etc. The running time of each episode can be long, sometimes up to 3 hours but it’s worth investing the time.

Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review

The movie critic duo intelligently dissects the latest movies in the UK Box Office Top 10 and also interview directors, actors and producers, in addition to addressing the opinions of listeners.

The MMA Report

John Pollock dissects the MMA news of the week, and interviews fighters. Pollock is direct to the point, and also provides his own predictions to fight cards. I recommend having your first listen on fight week to be fully informed.

5 Live’s Football Daily

Pretty much an edited version of BBC radio’s football coverage. A listen for football fanatics such as myself, Football Daily gives you the football news, results, and a detailed analysis in amongst some lively debates between pundits and callers.

5 Live’s World Football Phone-In

My second favourite podcast on the list behind the Joe Rogan Experience. What makes this podcast different from other football podcasts out there is the focus on football outside the Premiership, particularly South America from BBC pundit Tim Vickery, but also other parts of the world from journalists specialising in Italy, Africa and Asia. I’m always entertained by the host Dotun who enjoys a good laugh, and even more by the depth of questions which hadcore football fans from around the world ask, and frequently sparks beautiful debates about the impact  football has on different cultures. Definitely a high recommendation for any football fan who has even the slightest interest outside of the Premiership.


What are your favourite podcasts? Please share and comment below.

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