Steam Halloween Sale Now On!

The brilliance of PC gaming –Steam!

Having been a devoted console gamer all my life, I’ve gradually shifted to PC gaming in recent years. The main reason is because I don’t want to keep changing consoles every few years and having to keep old consoles around the house to dust off from time to time to play old games. I know some of you out there will say that that isn’t necessary now on present day consoles with the Playstation Store and Xbox Games Store, but they all fail in comparison to Steam. I’ve limited myself to just gaming on my dated PC which matches my need to save hard and Steam doesn’t even charge for use of their gaming servers unlike Xbox/PS. But what is best about Steam is the sales which range from midweek deals to seasonal deals which feature a huge range of deals compared to console counterparts.

With that in mind it is Halloween season and Steam is having a very good sale right now, so check out a few of the bargains I found which end on 11th November.


The Walking Dead – 75% off Now £4.74


As a huge walking Dead fan, I had played this game briefly a few years ago with my uni friends. What started out as making impulse decisions eventually resulted in us all arguing what choices should be made! Similar to other games which are pretty much a cinematic story such as Heavy Rain, Walking Dead also lets the player dictate the character progression. I’ve waited patiently for this to come on sale and I’m sure it will keep my dose of TWD during the weeks while waiting for the next episode on TV!


Resident Evil 4: Ultimate HD Edition – 65% off Now £5.24


Although not my personal favourite in the franchise, RES 4 is critically rated to be the best Resident Evil title. Despite the old port from years ago, the HD edition has been up scaled with improved textures and gameplay at 60fps. Playing the game again compared to the original Gamecube version I owned in the past, the game has aged well and the post release updates have also further improved some of the graphics bugs which appeared in the original.      


Dead Space 2 – 75% off £9.99 Now £2.49   


The modern day holder of the ”survival-horror” genre. Despite the third title having followed in later RE titles such as Res 6, Dead Space 2 features the perfect combination of action, problem solving, scarce ammunition. I’ve completed this game twice on PS3 and considering it is so cheap right now I had to snap it up again because of the replay value it possesses. Watch out for those necromorphs…

What horror offers have you guys gone for? Please comment share below.

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