Roadtrip To Salisbury

Hey everyone!

With a week booked off work I decided to get out and see a few places, one of which was Stonehenge along with some friends. Having been curious about the mysterious creation and purpose of the site which is still debated amongst historians, our curiosity won us over to visit it.

We had a great time at Stonehenge. The £16.50 entry price however was extravagant. It was nice to see that there was a gift shop and buses running every 5 minutes to take people to the main site which was managed by English Heritage. However, despite the added services, considering that just a few years ago entry to the site was not restricted, I think that the right to charge so much for entry is exploiting tourists. Although there isn’t any guided tour there is a free audio guide and some information points situated at various stops around the site.

I was also a little disappointed however that visitors are not able to gain access to the site to admire it in full detail, something which I found misleading considering that their marketing collateral clearly  portray visitors posing with beside the stones.

Overall I recommend going to visit the awe inspiring Stonehenge and to make sure that you take your time to stop and read the various information spots to get the most from the experience, but be prepared to pay more than what you would expect.

I would also recommend visiting Salisbury to make the most of the day, particularly the Old Sarum Castle which makes for an interesting exploration of a castle ruin and a beautiful view of the town, Salisbury Cathedral and Harnham Water Meadows.


2 thoughts on “Roadtrip To Salisbury

  1. I was born a mere ten miles away from Stonehenge and remember visiting it every other weekend with my parents. Back then not only was it free, you could also get up close to the stones themselves. I understand charging a certain amount for their upkeep, but you’re right £16.50 is ridiculously extortionate.


    1. Hi Arcane thanks for the comment. You’re very lucky to have grown up in that part of the country it’s really nice down there and to have been able to get up close to it. I guess it’s the downside of tourism growing at Stonehenge, consider yourself fortunate to get up close to it haha.

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