Gotta Catch ‘Em All – Playing Pokemon GO

What else could I possibly blog about this month!

There isn’t much to be said which hasn’t already been blogged about at this point so I’ll cut to the chase and simply share my opinion with you guys.


Gone are the days of Gameboys, cartridges and link cables with Nintendo having intelligently tailored instead to the smartphone user in partnership with Niantic to bring us Pokemon GO. Undoubtedly the biggest craze of childhood, Pokemon was a cultural phenomenon in the late 90’s around the world. I can remember pokemon domina0ting our lunch breaks at school with the trading cards and Gameboys surrounding the playground. Fast forward to this summer and Its back revamped for a 2016 audience. As with all successful videogame franchises longevity is achieved by transcending across generations and its clear that Pokemon has achieved that not only targeting fellow gamers in their 20’s-30’s who played the original Red and Blue, but also to the next generation of gamers and even some older gamers.

The extent of the use of the game really blew me away when I read the statistic that more people have downloaded Pokemon GO than there are Tinder users and Nintendo has experienced a 53% increase in share value.

An outdoor adventure to catch ‘em all  

Of course the playability of all pokemon games has been centred upon catching all of the different pokemon which Pokemon Go has taken to the next level by utilising GPS technology to enable gamers to embark on real-life searches. I think the incorporation of augmented reality is a nice novelty however, it does make catching pokemon harder not to mention increasing the already heavy demand on battery life.

I think that the ability to catch the same pokemon in a location by multiple players has been a great decision because it has bought a social aspect to the game because I’ve been able to go out during my lunchbreak with friends hunting and even some trips to places I wouldn’t normally go to such as the local golf club at night in search of Magmars!

Although I quite like the concept of fighting to own gyms I definitely prefer the original RPG turnbased style as opposed to the button bashing which in my opinion has taken away from the strategic approach.

Here’s what I’ve caught so far..

I’ve gotten to the point of not being able to hold a gym for long, but also not being a high enough trainer to level up my Vaporeon any further… I sense my patience being tested now haha!
The Future of augmented reality   

Hopefully the rumours that players will eventually be able to trade pokemon and battle each other directly will happen, but until then I’ll happily keep trying to catch them all. Nintendo has once again been able to establish themselves as a mobile gaming mastermind, which will surely lead other developers to look into also utilising augmented reality. Although the possibilities are endless in theory, I hope people don’t start running around the streets like the game Father. I.O is already starting to grow, otherwise I’m sure we will see much more accidents than in Pokemon GO.

How are you guys getting on with Pokemon Go, is it a good or bad experience and in what direction wold you like to see AR technology used? Please comment below.

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