Is Manchester Really United?

Louis Van Gaal out!

The words myself and other Manchester United fans have found ourselves saying this season when discussing the questionable tactics and baffling interviews made by the Utd manager.

With Utd’s campaign finally over which is regarded to be largely a failure despite having secured the FA Cup. By not winning the Premiership or achieving the minimum requirement of qualifying for the Champions League, LVG just hasn’t lived up to the expectations set in his decorated CV. Utd fans only have to look back two years ago to the Word Cup when we witnessed a manager who had the awareness to assess matches and make drastic changes which took effect amongst a team who clearly respected LVG, something which has been speculated to have led to his early dismissal.

Although the majority of Utd fans have got their wish of releasing LVG from his reaming one year contract, I definitely didn’t expect it to happen in the manner of leaking out from the club on the same day of having won the FA cup. Yes, it wasn’t official yet but combined with the constant speculation that Jose Mourinho’s arrival as the next manager wasn’t a question of if but in fact when, it worries me that the board of Manchester United have gone from having one of the most stable management styles during the time of Sir Alex Fergusson just three years earlier. In an era where managers come and go and lack the power (excluding Benitez) yes, the lack of success is a factor, but why not let the fans enjoy the moment of winning our first silverware since 2013?

But if the report from Sky Sports is true that Man Utd had really paid Mourinho £4m to remain free in the summer then it screams desperation. The problem seems to stem from Ed Woodwood and the Glaziers who are feeling the pressure they’re faced with in the coming season with Man City now having pretty much unlimited funds combined with the most successful manager in the world. So despite the likes of Sir Alex Fergusson and Sir Bobby Charlton wanting to fight for the classic management style of giving the majority of power to the manager and ethos of pushing younger talent, it would appear that unless Mourinho will alter his own strategy to include bringing up players from the academy, Utd will be forced to continue changing.13318479_10157300856005179_955196399_n

With the lack of world class managers to pick from this summer, Mourinho is the only choice for the club, but  what fans should keep in mind is that when Sir Alex retired and did not opt for handing the mantel piece to “the special one” back then. Although I’m confident the tactics Man Utd will use next season will be far more aggressive and counter attacking, I hope Mourinho will have reflected about his time at Chelsea and from that become more reserved without the typical 2-3 year spell followed by losing the player or board. Until then we can only contemplate but one thing is for sure, fans will certainly be entertained!

What are your thoughts about the way Manchester United have handled the changing of manager?

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