Do You Have These 10 Free Android Games?

I spent some time yesterday removing old games from my phone and trying out some more recent titles and decided to compile a list of android games (in no particular order) which I think you will enjoy. I’ve selected from a variety of genres, so hopefully there is something of interest to whichever kind of genre you gamers lookout for!

  1. Fallout Shelter

One of the biggest titles of 2015 and hence my excuse for being the game I was addicted to most on this list. Fallout Shelter centres around resource management for survivors in an underground bunker. You must take in dwellers and develop the community by increasing the availability of water, food and electricity. The vault must be expanded as the community grows and also enhancing the skills of the dwellers which improves the productivity of attaining resources internally, and when venturing out to scavenge for resources. What keeps the game challenging is the constant threat of raider attacks and accidents internally such as fires etc. Simply put, after a few hours of gameplay it really becomes addictive as you want to expand the community.

  1. Badland

As nicely summarised by somone in the comments section for this trailer on YouTube “Limbo meets Flappy Bird in this revolutionary new game: Angry Birds: Apocalypse”. My second favourite game on the list behind fallout Shelter, Badland  features a similar environment to Limbo with added colour for beautiful aesthetics and calm background noises which create this unique environment. Based upon physics and side scrolling through a maze of dangerous obstacles some of which are highly challenging, many parts require thinking and planning to clear levels but it is a very pleasing game to tackle and well worth paying for the additional levels after the vast abundance of gameplay the free version will provide you with.

  1. Mortal Kombat X

Finish him! Despite being loaded up with incredible graphics the gameplay isn’t sacrificed, featuring smooth framerates and gameplay, although be it one of the most demanding on battery life in my list. Fighters can be upgraded with additional powerups to help each of your players.  The game is loaded with in game purchases but I didn’t feel like this hampered the enjoyment as progressing will unlock many features.

  1. Asphalt 8: Airborne

A fast paced racing game based upon reaching high speeds and drifting around long and winding roads. What differentiates this game though are the long distances of jumps which offer the fun of performing Ariel tricks.

  1. SHADOWGUN: DeadZone

Unlike other Android shooters, DZ is brilliant not just because of the technical performance but because of its online play. It reminds me of the old Quake or Unreal Tournament days with similalr modes made popular by those franchises such as Deathmatch, and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it features voice chat which always helps improve teamwork and friendly conversations to have with the opposition…

  1. Vector

A parkour based game set in a high paced arcade format, Vector puts you in control of a man who has had enough of his “big brother” job environment and decides to run away.  I really enjoyed the fast tempo the game offers which utilises the parkour moves to navigate across rooftops and buildings. The levels are passed by reaching the end before your employer and a ranking is awarded.

  1. Twist

The most challenging game on the list, so if that sounds like you then this one might be for you! You must navigate the ball through the tunnel by deciding when to jump in order to remain on the tiles. The game requires such a fine detail of awareness and reaction speed so that if you can master it you’ll have achieved something worth saving. Something which I’m nowhere near to be good at yet, but the world record in the above video gives proof that it is possible somehow!

  1. Walking Dead: No Man’s Land


A highly addictive turn based strategy game, loosely based on my favourite show right now. Develop your camp, fill it up with scavenged resources, build up your team by calling in other survivors, and enhance their skills to tackle the missions as you confront the hordes of zombies.

  1. Tetris Blitz

Since EA acquired the franchise there have been a few tweaks but this is the first I’ve played. This incarnation features the speed increased and a number of powerups to generate more points. What really brings the game into this decade however is the ability to compete with your friends via Facebook. The leader board is also refreshed weekly however without paying for the premium powerups. Don’t expect to be a world ranking contender but it is still a fun game to play.

  1. Dead Trigger 2

Intense gameplay spanning over a lot of levels. Its an easy game to play due to firing occurring automatically which is helpful considering the small screen of a mobile phone. Weapons can be upgraded as you progress through the game before missions, and there are some in game purchases, but these aren’t intrusive, like some other shooting games.

Have you guys tried any of these games in the list and what do you think? Please also share this list with your friends and comment below on your favourite free games, I would really appreciate your input.


2 thoughts on “Do You Have These 10 Free Android Games?

  1. Great article! My favourite app at the moment is a free game called Alto’s Adventure (£2+ on iOS). Artwork is stunning and the simple, but addictive arcade style keeps me coming back!


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